Budlia Removal

Buddleja (Butterfly bush)

There is 100 species nearly all of them being shrubs under 5m. The species range from both evergreen and deciduous and occur in tropical to temperate regions. In many instances Buddleja has been misidentified as Japanese Knotweed due to the bamboo like stems and flower colour. However, the flower in Buddleja ranges widely from pastel pinks and blues to vibrant yellows and reds. Unlike Japanese Knotweed the flower is only known to be of white colour. Buddleja has been identified to cause structural damage but not to the extent as Japanese Knotweed. Not only can it cause structural damage it can be found in the harshest of environments and has been known to grow in buildings, gutters and walls. In addition to its drought tolerance, the butterfly bush provides a haven for pollinators. Butterflies, bees and moths are some of the most attracted species. Buddleja is also a favourite of the monarch butterfly on their yearly migration of thousands of miles. Buddleja has also been known to provide shelter for a number of bird species. 

Dublin Buddleja Removal


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