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Staff development is very important to Greentown Environmental which is why we are carrying out additional training this week for our in house Arboriculturist’s.  We carry out regular training needs analysis with our crews to ensure they are skilled in the works they are carrying out!

With temperatures on the rise, it is ideal growing condition for Japanese Knotweed.  Japanese Knotweed is extremely destructive and can be costly if not treated correctly! If you have any concerns that this weed is growing on your property please get in touch for professional advice on how best to treat and eradicate the problem, […]

Greentown Environmental have now established a sister company, Greentown Traffic Management. Greentown Traffic Management started in January 2016 and specialise in all areas of traffic management.  To see our range of services please click here to visit our new site.   We can now provide traffic management with all our works in house, maintaining our […]

We are proud to say that we are now the Principal Contractor for the government body Transport NI after successfully winning 5 environmental contracts in 2016.  We provide grounds maintenance, weed control & drainage services across Northern Ireland.  Our business is ever expanding and through these new contracts we have been able to increase our workforce […]

Greentown Environmental are proud to announce that we are now the only company in Ireland providing a new grip cutting service for drainage outlets.  We have invested in new state of the art machinery and this operation compliments our expanding gully cleaning and jetting service which we currently provide for Transport NI.  This process involves cutting […]

Greentown Environmental tendered for and were successfully included in a new framework for the Management of Invasive Species through Transport Infrastructure Ireland.  We are carrying out Japanese Knotweed treatments throughout a number of council areas including, Sligo CC, Donegal CC, Kerry CC and Galway CC. For more information on Japanese Knotweed treatments and how to identify […]