Moss & Algae Control

Moss & Algae thrive in damp and shaded environments; they are a concern as they can make the surface extremely slippery which is highly undesirable in safety conscious industrial situations. They are most prevalent in autumn and spring when moss and algae have ideal moisture and temperature to survive.

The problem is best tackled using integrated weed control combining chemical applications with increased removal regimes. The long term solution is to alter the local environment to make it less suitable to algae and moss by reducing the shade and moisture whilst increasing air movement. 


We have introduced a new service known as Foamstream which is the leading herbicide-free solution for controlling unwanted vegetation. Its patented low-pressure process combines heat with our biodegradable foam, making it safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments. 

Unlike most plants, moss roots sit on the top of the plant. Foamstream is applied directly to the plant, killing the moss and inhibiting its regrowth. Using Foamstream on moss and algae is as effective as herbicide alternatives and will eradicate the plant with just one treatment per year.

Foamstream’s effectiveness comes from the foam forming a layer of insulation over the hot water. This prevents the heat in the hot water escaping to the atmosphere, ensuring it stays on the plant for long enough to kill it.


Aquatic Control

The ongoing management and maintenance of ponds, lakes and fisheries is the best way to ensure you get the full potential from your water. This applies on a financial, aesthetic and environmental level. Suitable aquatic approved weed killers can be used on emergent plants such as bull rushes and lilies. It is also possible to use a dye which improves the look of the water as well as creating conditions that reduce photosynthesis therefore making it more difficult for algae to form. Algae is a real pest in the waters Apart from the aesthetic unpleasantness caused, they create a physical obstacle to activities such as irrigation, water sports, fishing or fish farming. Treatments are available that are tolerated by fish, fauna and flora. All our works get prior consent from the NIEA which takes into consideration the product being applied, staff training Etc. The key species that the local authorities are concerned with at present are:

•Australian Swamp Stonecrop (Crassula helmsii)

•Parrots Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum)

•Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides)

Our Aquatic environments are fragile ecosystems and our options for control are severely resticted, so protection of these environments from aggressive invasive species can be difficult. They are a threat to biodiversity, monopolising local environments and out competing native species. They disrupt the ecosystems degrading them severely and impeding flow in vital drainage channels thus causing flooding. These weeds provide a negative effect on tourism providing problems for boating and angling activities.  

For more information please contact Greentown Environmental for a site survey